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Stori™ partners with Boveda®

Stori™ partners with Boveda®

We are very excited to announce Stori and Boveda have joined forces to empower cannabis consumers and patients with the best-in-class cannabis storage solution that protects terpenes from evaporation.

Why did we partner with Boveda?

Striving to create the safest cannabis storage, we integrated a holder for humidity control right in the lid of our Stori Pods. The holder secures Boveda, the original terpene shield™, inside the airtight container.

Boveda is the global leader in 2-way humidity control for moisture-sensitive products, like delicate cannabis flower. It is the only product that can create a monolayer shield of purified water over the trichome to protect terpenes from evaporating and degrading.

Learn more about our partnership

BONUS for you. And yes, there is a bonus!

This partnership allows us to kick-start your inventory with a pack of Boveda for FREE. Everyone who purchases a Stori before December 1, 2020, will receive this awesome gift with their order. Don’t wait! Order yours now.

Stori Status Update

Stori Status Update
Over the past month, we’ve made some great progress and have fine tuned all the details that’ll ensure Stori is everything we imagined it to be.

These final adjustments require a bit more time and we decided to prioritize quality over delivery time...

The Beta Stori App is Available Now!

Stori cannabis storage
We are so excited we can hardly contain our excitement! We are releasing the beta Stori App today to a select number of people so they can try it out ahead of the official release on Tuesday, September 15. We are looking for feedback from the community on what they enjoy about using the app and what they would like included in future updates.